Start-ups are Agile Partners for Corporates

Who you are

  • You are a courageous, disruptive thinker; full of ideas for technological innovation running a small company.
  • You know you have a solution that can be harnessed to create a disruptive offering.
  • You have a burning passion for your solution which can create a game changing business model.
  • What others describe as revolutionary business model innovation is pretty much the way you’ve always thought.
  • You may be working on blockchain, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics or some kind of digital innovation.
  • Your concept may be in beta or already on the market - there may be challenges but you KNOW your concept is a winner!
  • You are looking for access to markets, finance and skills to leverage your idea.
  • You want to partner with corporates that you can trust to work with you in a trusted partnership.

What we do for you

  • Make you aware of challenges that large companies would like to solve
  • Connect you and your concept with the relevant decision makers
  • Where appropriate we will selectively channel your unsolicited pitches to relevant corporate decision makers
  • Provide structure and oversight as a respected third party to that discussion
  • Seek a win-win outcome for you and your corporate partner

What you get

  • Awareness of specific business challenges and disruption faced by large potential customers or partners 
  • Access through the challenges set by decision makers who may have potential capital to accelerate your development and deployment
  • Access to ready markets and faster, deeper reach than you could achieve on your own
  • Help to match your start-up with corporates who need your help
  • Help you to navigate the potential pitfalls that commonly occur when large and small companies try to do business.
  • Access to experts to facilitate the contractual process

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