Leaders are Business Disruptors Who Leverage Innovation

Who you are

  • You are a leader in your organisation and have experience of trying to change the business from the inside.
  • You have, or want to have, a mandate to drive real change.
  • You thrive on stimulating conversations and want be ahead of the game when it comes to the latest thinking on disruption.
  • You believe that technology is a true enabler of change and want to lead your company to success through disruptive innovation.
  • You need custom research about how to make disruption a positive business outcome for your firm.
  • You want to meet and learn from real peers; disruptors and true experts on disruption not just the ones using the buzzwords.
  • You want access to start-ups, experts and advance suppliers that can bring an agile approach to your corporation.
  • You know the innovation is out there and corporate accelerators are not the only way, or even the best way, to reach it.
  • You have a good team but you need to get them involved in disruptive change and lead them in new directions.

What we do for you

  • Facilitate membership of an exclusive ecosystem inhabited by real disruptors who can be useful to you
  • Give you an environment for stimulating, thought provoking, and powerful conversations
  • Put you in touch with start-ups and experts that can help your organisation to become disruptive and thrive in the changing world
  • Give you the knowledge you need about leading edge business technology that so you can harness it as it matures 
  • Help you and your organisation to thrive in a fast-changing, transitory, world
  • Enable you to make powerful, impactful change within your organisation

What you get

  • Research prepared for members on subjects the ecosystem selects
  • A personal advisor with in depth of experience advising leaders
  • In person and remote meetings with ecosystem peers
  • The ability to drive the group forward towards defined goals
  • Access to a network of trusted and rated start-ups and technological experts
  • Curated services to find the right connections and suppliers.
  • Ability to create challenges and invite paid or unpaid involvement of other ecosystem participants.
  • Facilitation of contractual arrangements with suppliers
  • Access to hire expert analyst advice on how to implement business disruption
  • Access to personal branding services, personal career and business advice

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