Experts Are Vital To Any Disruptions

Who you are…

  • You have expertise in business change and/or leading edge technology.
  • You may have been involved in some disruptive initiatives or would like to be.
  • You can see that technology is increasingly disrupting our way of doing everything.
  • You want to learn more about how organisations can disrupt themselves.
  • You want to be involved in change that will make a difference.

What we do for you…

  • Provide you with an environment to grow beyond your current business
  • Put you in conversations with people who will challenge you
  • Expand your outlook and opportunities to solve new problems
  • Help you build your personal brand and become recognised as a Disruptor
  • Give you the knowledge you need about the future of business and the disruptive uses of the latest technologies

What you get…

  • Research prepared for members on subjects the ecosystem selects
  • In person and remote meetings with ecosystem peers
  • Learning from the best disruptors
  • The chance to make your experience and views count
  • A personal profile where you can promote your skills and experience
  • Opportunities to contract for engagements with other ecosystem participants
  • Accreditation as a disruptor and endorsements for your work for, and interactions with, other ecosystem participants
  • Access to “disruption challenges” set by ecosystem participants where you can get involved on a spectrum from learning to engaging in paid work.
  • Access to personal branding services and personal career advice
  • Access to create your own “Disruption Challenges” to bring together other ecosystem members to help you solve issues
  • Be included in relevant research to build your personal brand.

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