Advanced Suppliers are Engines of Disruptive Innovation

Who you are

  • You are a pioneering company striking out into a new area of technology.
  • You have a part of the puzzle that has the potential to disrupt markets and daily life.
  • You understand how the technology you work with will become the plumbing of new business models and perhaps an integral part of the fabric of tomorrows society.
  • You may be working on blockchain, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics or some kind of digital innovation.
  • Your solution is tested and can scale and you can prove it when talking to the largest organisations.
  • Your customers know they can rely on you to deliver. You have several successful implementations behind you and you are looking for new customers as your technology takes off.
Advanced Supplier

What we do for you

  • Help you find the companies and partners who will understand how to use you can offer 
  • Connect you and your technology with the relevant decision makers that can make a difference
  • Make you aware of challenges that large companies would like to solve
  • Help you contract for Proof of Concept initiatives that will spread awareness of what you offer and bring in revenue
  • Allow you, your company and your successes to be featured in the research that we commission for the ecosystem
  • Help you to partner with others in the ecosystem to gain from their unique skills
  • Help you to stand out from large software houses

What you get

  • Access to “disruption challenges” set by ecosystem participants
  • Opportunities to get involved on a spectrum from learning to engaging in paid work.
  • Ability to create your own disruption challenges to bring together a team from the ecosystem to help you solve issues
  • A place to showcase your solution to decision makers who have projects and partnerships that need your specific technology
  • Experience of how to present yourself to large organisations and small start-ups.
  • Access to expertise you may need to truly unlock the potential of new uses for your technology.
  • Access to opportunities in new and existing markets
  • Ability to achieve faster, deeper reach than you could on your own
  • Research prepared for members on subjects the ecosystem selects

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