Disruptive Technology Guide for Lawyers

with Financial Service Clients

The Financial services sector is going through a period of intense disruption. The FCA recently announced: ‘We’re on the cusp of real change in financial services’. Regulators are actively pushing banks and other financial institutions towards technologies that will open up new business models for some but no doubt spells disaster and ruin for others.

Who this workshop is for:

Mid to Senior Level Executives/Partners in Legal Firms advising clients in the Financial Services Sector

What the workshop covers:

This workshop will give you an independent view of:

  • The technologies that impact your Financial Services clients
  • What they are be concerned about today and need to be thinking about tomorrow
  • Which technologies are over hyped and over the horizon
  • The regulations that are coming and how that will change their business models.

What you will take away:

By the end of this session

  • You will have a deeper understanding of the concerns of your clients
  • You will be in a position to form an opinion of how you can best help them and what new areas of business may appear
  • You will become familiar with the implications of the new technologies and the regulations affecting your clients
  • You will have enhanced your ability to advise your clients on what new areas of business that may appear and how to navigate the disruption ahead.

This is an opportunity to test and extend your understanding of PSD2, APIs and other arcane but important factors that could mean life or death to your clients.

This workshop will be run by Marc Dowd, expert in disruptive innovation, 


Private Workshops and Keynote Speakers:

This workshop is available as a private workshop tailored to your organisation's specific challenges, on your own premises. PathFinder4 also provides keynote speakers on disruption in the Law Sector. To discuss your individual requirements, costs and availability please contact us.

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