Do you know what you don’t know?

Strategy is useless if it has missing elements.

The peace of mind that you have real knowledgeable expertise at your fingertips when you make decisions is something the eco-system members provide

Which strategy

Our members work with some of the largest and some of the fastest moving companies in the world. They watch trends. They lead trends. They make trends.

Unlike vendors who filter their view of trends and emerging technologies by what they have to sell, our members are truly independent. They don’t expect to make money out of “follow-on” work, and so they focus on what you need to know.

Advisory should take your situation into account. Your regional differences, your market and your company focus. We don’t provide general advice leaving you to try to sort out what is relevant to you or not. We focus.

Some of the services our members can provide:-

  • One-off Technology and Market advisory – being on the cutting edge members are adept at giving you a true view of what is coming.

  • Strategy partner – they can work with you to develop, or update, your strategy to take into account emerging technology, consumer or regulatory trends.

  • Expert advisor  – providing insights as an ongoing relationship where they are your eyes and ears on the cutting edge. As often and for as long as you need it

These services can be provided face-to-face or remotely by teleconference and telephone. By knowing what you need our advisors can bring you new insight as it happens, as you need it or to a schedule that suits you.

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