Surviving Technological Disruption

A Strategic Workshop for Senior Executives

led by Disruptive Innovation Expert, Marc Dowd

Nearly 50% of UK executives believe their business model will not exist in the next 5 years. Digital transformation goes far beyond customer experience and internal process improvements. Massive social and technological change are enablers for new start-ups and new competitors from other sectors to challenge existing corporate on their home ground. Whilst many organisations are only just getting to grips with digitisation a whole new level of disruption lies around the corner.

Who this workshop is for:

Mid to Senior Level Executives in Large Corporates and Public Organisations

What the workshop covers:

  • A definition of technology driven disruption
  • Key vectors of disruption including social change
  • The Impact of disruption on organisations
  • The changes that corporations are making to ensure they are the disruptors not the disrupted

What you will come away with:

A critical understanding of future trends
Familiarity with the implications of new technologies and regulations
Enhanced decision making capabilities regarding your future competitive positioning based on real independent expertise

This workshop will include examples of the actions taken by other corporations to ensure their survival.

The workshop will be run by Marc Dowd who has served as a technology advisor to over 100 Billion-pound turnover firms as well as a myriad of SME and startups for over a decade.

The outcome will be an opportunity to discuss the likely future trends and think about the future shape of your firm based on real independent expertise. As many of the larger firms prepare for a very different way of working you have to decide where and how you are going to compete going forward. This thought-provoking workshop will outline many of the challenges ahead so you can measure your plans and strategies accordingly.


Private Workshops and Keynote Speakers:

This workshop is available as a private workshop tailored to your organisation’s specific challenges, on your own premises. PathFinder4 also provides keynote speakers on disruption in the Law Sector. To discuss your individual requirements, costs and availability please