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Our eco-system members can provide scouting services to help you find what you’re looking for

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Our members regularly attend and participate in high profile global events as keynote speakers, panel moderators and subject matter experts.

This gives them unprecedented “behind the scenes” access to introductions and networking opportunities with some of the greatest thought leaders across a wide variety of industries.

Industry events are a rich source of emerging trends and a great place to scout new collaboration opportunities with both startups and incumbents, but many are often costly to attend and difficult to justify time out of the office.

Some of the services our members can provide:-

  • Technology and company scouting – tell us what you are looking for and they will keep their eyes open for you

  • Brand ambassador – they can represent you and your brand at the event, stimulating interest and opening doors

  • Post event briefings – providing insights on the hot topics, trends and themes they encountered, bespoke for you and your team

This is a small selection of the events our members attend and participate in – take a look at the events page to see where they will be next and let us know if there is an event that’s not on the list that you would be interested in getting coverage at.

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