Project Implementation

We configure expertise to what you need. We support alternative ways of innovating and select the most appropriate. We only use what is useful and only charge for what you use. We take on projects of all sizes.

Implementation of projects

Project Implementation

We understand how implementing innovation is different because we have practised it. We don’t learn methods or technologies as we go because our members are real experts.

Customer focus is often the central driver of our projects and we know how to deal with the variability that introduces.

We minimize risk by using agile methodologies seeking creative, least cost and effective routes to innovate and implement.

We assemble the best independent resources for each project.

We have integration specialists who are adept at forging the links to your existing environments.

How we work

Stage 1

Stage 1: Define what help you need

Our Members are world leading specialists that cover all the stages of bringing an innovation to reality.

Stages of Innovation

Stage 2

Stage 2: We work at different levels

In order to implement innovation that works you need to change the existing company, the outside world and develop a new capability.

Areas for innovation

Stage 3

Stage 3.  Configure your solution

You won’t want to use all the capabilities. We help you select the right people and capabilities to solve your problem. There will be Go-No-Go points where you can stop if it is not reaching the projected ROI.

Construction Innovation Flow

Contact us

We are happy to discuss all sort of projects. In total confidence of course. You can reach us at +44 (0) 207 993 9043