The new way of working

Specialists joining forces to crack big challenges

PathFinder4 is an exclusive invitation-only innovation ecosystem for people who want to drive rapid business or social change and competitive advantage

Our members are hand-picked experts in their respective fields

It is our mission to provide the very highest quality of impartial connections, information and personal learning through interacting with the best and most creative achievers in technical and business leadership.

Why you have to Join Right Now?

Become part of a community that drives real change.

  • Connections

    Connecting with people who will challenge you and your thinking. Grow from the connections you make.

  • New events

    The Ecosystem meets in London as often as possible. We also have monthly meet-ups and focused meetings as needed.

  • Get things done FAST

    We facilitate the interactions to make sure that you have the skills you need as you need them.

  • Discover amazing people

    The ecosystem Members are hand-picked because they understand what it is to innovate at speed. They can help you with your current project be they individuals or a group working on a project together.

  • Based in London but members worldwide

    Our membership is global. We have online and video conference meetings and most of our members work globally. If you are in London come and meet us on a Wednesday.

  • We are a growing community

    Innovation is constantly changing and so is technology. If you are a specialist in a niche or you need the help of a specialist; get in touch.

Being on your own is gratifying

But being part of a community of intelligent interesting people make life more interesting...

PathFinder4 ecosystem exists to make life better

We are still building but our community is about connections. We work together on projects and we dip into each other's environments. We learn together... we are even writing a book together.

Making more money

Is really important. As an independent, it can be hard because you only have a few parts of the puzzle or you can't scale to reach the big contracts...

PathFinder4 ecosystem makes money only when you make money

We do not charge fees up front. We do not want a cut of everything you work on. We don't want to own your IP or tell you what to do or charge. As an ecosystem, we depend on each other. We ask that a small proportion of the additional revenue you make goes back into the ecosystem.

You do different sorts of work

You may be specialist one moment, a speaker next week. You may run workshops or you may formulate strategy. You may do research or you provoke change... But how do people find out about all these things you do...

PathFinder4 ecosystem allows you to shine

We have a route to market for the different things you do. If you are a Speaker, tell us and go on the speaker roster, if you deliver workshops get them up in our Workshop and Training service. In

Learn from others

You may have been doing this for years but there is always something you can learn from others..

As a group we can do things you can't on your own

We have projects to promote speaker... to write a book together... to market out combined strengths. Join us!

The advantages of the PathFinder4 innovation ecosystem

Win more

In the ecosystem you can invite, or be invited by other Members, to join forces to tender for more extensive bids

 But it is not all about JUST earning more. Being part of an ecosystem brings with it lots of other benefits…

The Ecosystem Benefits


Meaning and Purpose

At the end of the day, it isn’t just about personal progression and profit. We believe that technology can and should be used for good. Disruptive Leaders can change the world

Life Changing

Life Changing

Stimulating Environment

We provide challenging and inspiring meetings and conversations with expert facilitators who stimulate and guide the thinking

Become The Best Possible You

PathFinder4 stimulates and enables you to become a passionate, creative and influential leader with a unique, transformative and visionary perspective

Vibrant Peer Dynamic

Being part of this ecosystem is about changing everything. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and benefit from their energy and thought-provoking and inspiring outlook


Personal Brand

Enhance your brand by being part of the community of recognised disruptors, and take advantages of our services to grow your personal brand


PathFinder4 is an exclusive group because we only allow people who are passionate about driving business innovation to become members. This ensures you don’t have boring conversations

Thrive and Survive Change

The business world is changing in ways that are unimaginable to many. Prepare yourself to be part of the new environment

Personal Advancement

Members of PathFinder4 are recognised and acknowledged as transformational thinkers and leaders. Distinguish yourself from the herd


Rapid Access To Latest Thinking

Quality content on disruptive transformation, how to achieve it and the technology that underpins it

Personalised Research

The best independent analysts write on topics that the community decide on. We don’t syndicate our research – what we commission we commission for you

Extend Your Reach

Working with other innovators in the value chain you can access bids that were outside your normal reach as a specialist

Learn From other experts

We ensure that everyone entering the ecosystem has the experience, interest and understanding that make them relevant to other participants

Prepare for Career Change

We help you meet the right people to make connections that will be vital as you move forward. We help you shape the skills you will need

Reduce Cost To Market Your Skills

PathFinder4 makes it easy and effective to market yourself and your services to the rest of the members

If you would like to join the Pathfinder4 ecosystem or have any questions please contact one of us so that we can discuss taking part.

You can reach us on +44 (0)207 993 9043 or contact [email protected]