Disruptive Startups and Entrepreneurs: Witness Disruption in Action

When: 22 Feb 2017
Where: London Campus of Coventry University

We have a special opportunity to see disruption in action. Marc Dowd one of the UK’s most respected thought leaders on technology led business model disruption will personally work with two very lucky entrepreneurs (along with some audience input) to identify the key factors that can help them to completely change the game on their competition.

The Disruptor’s Chair

While sitting in the ‘Disruptor’s Chair’ the entrepreneurs will be put through their paces in relation to Marc’s tried and tested framework built around 87 factors that influence disruptive transformations.


  • Learn practical methods of determining whether your business concept is really transformative and how to change it if it’s not.
  • Be inspired to combine simple technologies for major impact in ways that others are not.
  • Understand why so many tech entrepreneurs with what seems like ‘the next amazing thing’ still fail.

This promises to be a truly enlightening evening for the disruptors and the audience alike as all will be encouraged to broaden their horizons and reset their creative thinking in terms of radical business model transformation.

If you’d like to be one of the lucky ones in the ‘chair’ please contact us on meetup or email [email protected]

About Marc: Marc spent a decade with Forrester Research advising the senior leaders of some of the world’s largest organizations (like: Asos, Visa, Ikea, DHL, Volvo and a whole bunch more) on the adoption of cutting edge technology and business model transformation. Once he’d had enough, Marc traded in the corporate suits for jeans and a pretty cool convertible then decided to focus on what he loves most; He still advises corporates but its on his own terms now; if they’re not disruptive and willing to take risk he’s not interested. His Company is www.managedisruption.com

Location: Liverpool street, London Campus of Coventry University. 109-117 Middlesex Street, London E1 7JF