Disruption in the Law sector – A Workshop for Survival

When: 25 Jul 2017
Where: London

25th July, 1 pm – 4 pm, London

The practice of law is about to change rapidly; The way firms deliver service and the way clients consume them will be dramatically different in just a few years. Proactive lawyers will use this to earn much higher fees; The rest will get left behind.

Most Lawyers don’t understand what is coming or realise that it is easier than they think to capitalise on these changes with small budgets and little technical knowledge.

Join us to learn and interact with Marc Dowd, former lead advisor on business technology at Forester Research, who has advised Clifford Chance, Linklaters, ASOS, DHL and Ikea to name a few.

Who this workshop is for:

Mid to Senior Level Executives/Partners in Legal Firms of any size.

What the workshop covers:

This workshop will give you an independent view of:

  • The reality vs. the popular hype and scaremongering around legal disruption
  • A very experienced advisor’s approach to understanding and taking advantage of new technology enabled revenue streams opening up to law firms.
  • The changes your customers will undergo that will affect the way they use your services

What you will come away with:

  • A practical view of the many challenges ahead
  • An understanding of how to get started harnessing disruption to drive earnings avoid obsolescence
  • A practical 5 point plan to begin implementing some of the widely available inexpensive solutions
  • A 7 point plan for effectively communicating and building support for disruption within your firm
  • Personal interaction and explanations tailored to you to allow you to make sense of the buzzwords, and tech hype you are being hit with every day
  • The ability to create and measure strategies to survive disruptive change.

This event is not sponsored by software/solution vendors; it is a genuinely independent opportunity to discuss future trends and think about the next step for your firm. As some of the larger firms prepare for a very different way of working you have to decide where and how you are going to compete going forward.

Prepare to be enlightened by a real ‘insider’.; who understands the issues and can explain them in simple terms. Bring your questions and concerns for discussion.

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£450 per person registered individually

£300 per person when registering more than one person from the same company.