PathFinder4 is an exclusive invitation only ecosystem for people who want to drive rapid business or social change and competitive advantage.  Our tribes include Leaders (Chief Information officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operations Officers and Chief Digital Officers and others) as well as heads of Start-up companies and Advanced Suppliers. We also welcome Researchers and Analysts as well as Consultants and Experts.

It is our mission to provide the very highest quality of impartial connections, information and personal learning through interacting with the best and most creative achievers in technical and business leadership.

We are an enthusiastic team with deep industry connections, relevant experience and great integrity.

Meet the team

Marc Dowd

Marc Dowd

Co-Founder, Director

Marc believes that ecosystems are the way forward. In a world where everyone can contact everyone else, it comes down to being able to trust the new people you meet.

Having worked for 10 years advising some of the world’s largest companies on technology as well as acting as Principal of a CIO Group, Marc realised that what was needed was a better solution: an ecosystem.

Didier Navez

Didier Navez


Didier believes that successful digital transformation requires companies - large or small, private or public - to access multiple skills and be inspired by multiple experiences that only a network, or better still an ecosystem, can provide.

His work as a business and tech advisor to many organisations for the last 15 years as well as his entrepreneurial initiatives exposed him on a daily basis to this networked model.

Matthew McLerty

Matthew Mclarty


Playing the role of Innovation Director within the accelerator community, Matthew is focussed on bringing new tech to market. He believes that there are enormous synergies to be unlocked through combining the limitless creativity and agility of startups with well-structured big corporate delivery models.

Matthew is a passionate and highly experienced business developer having spent the past 15 years across multiple sectors including tech and FMCG ranging from startups to large SMEs.

Caroline Wright

Caroline Wright

Director and Co-Founder of the Disruptors Academy

Caroline is an adventurous thinker who believes that progressive leaders and educators play a key role in creating an abundant world, through innovative social and technological approaches.

People find Caroline intellectually stimulating, approachable and interesting to be with. As well as leading Pathfinder4’s Marketing, Caroline lectures in Digital Business and Creativity, Technology and Innovation.

Prof. Pete Janse van Vuuren (PhD)

Prof. Pete Janse van Vuuren (PhD)

Director, Africa

Pete has over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry. Having worked in senior management positions for companies including Wits Global and FirstRand, and having run three IT start-ups, Pete understands innovation from many different angles. Pete was a Gartner Executive Partner for four years.

Pete currently holds a number of Professorial positions and is Director of Africa CIO Forum, CIO Council of South Africa, the CEO of the Thinking Cap, and Director of PathFinder4 Africa.

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