Re-imagining a Lawyer’s Skillset in an AI World

Re-imagining a Lawyer’s Skillset in an AI World As worldwide spending on cognitive and artificial intelligence systems is forecast to reach $12.5 billion this year, the size of cost savings in the legal sector make it an attractive target for entrepreneurs. Automation of routine tasks and intelligent automation by artificial intelligence (AI) is fuelled by the exponential data explosion. On one estimate 90% of […]

Quantifying the Beautiful Game: How Analytics and Big Data is Helping to Shape Football.

Quantifying the Beautiful Game: How Analytics and Big Data is Helping to Shape Football. Published by Ben Daish Modern Football is huge business. Every season millions of fans take their seats in stadiums, pubs and homes up and down the country to witness excitement and entertainment unrivalled in any other medium. It also seems to get bigger every season. We live in an era of £200m transfer fees, […]

Questions CIOs Are Asking About Digital Disruption

  Last week we had the pleasure of meeting CIOs and key decision makers responsible for innovation and IT at the True North Breakfast with a View briefing. Their observations and questions about disruptive innovation are perhaps common to many in an age of rapidly advancing technology, and ones you should also be asking yourself. What stage is […]

Does Size Really Matter: An Insight into Whether You Can Be Too Small or Too Big to Disrupt Your Market

Does Size Really Matter: An Insight into Whether You Can Be Too Small or Too Big to Disrupt Your Market Published by Georgie Fairweather  Winner of the PathFinder4 student blog competition, University of Hertfordshire student Georgie Fairweather, explores the role of company size when disrupting existing markets. It can happen at any time, by anyone, anywhere – and it will almost always […]

Cybercriminals Cause Havoc. People and Culture are the Answer.

Cybercriminals Cause Havoc. People and Culture are the Answer. In the defence of our businesses against cybercrime and cybercriminals, Tony Dimech discusses the necessity of a holistic approach to security with people at its heart, and training that engenders proactivity. Last year 75% of small businesses in the UK experienced a cyber breach. The average cost of a breach for small businesses can be […]