PathFinder4 Africa Launches 9th February

We are pleased to welcome Prof. Pete Janse van Vuuren (PhD) to PathFinder4 as Director, Africa and announce the launch of the first PathFinder4 leaders meeting outside of the UK.  The PathFinder4 Africa launch event will host innovative leaders from some of the largest pan-African organisations.  During the event leaders will work with a range of challenges and consider how disruptive innovation can be used to meet those challenges.

As with all PathFinder4 meetings, the aim is to encourage learning around how emerging technologies can be used to develop new and disruptive solutions and business models in response to today's complex and rapidly changing business environment.

We are pleased to welcome these forward looking and influential African companies to the inaugural PathFinder4 Africa meeting where the moto is always "a doing shop, not just a talking shop."  The PathFinder4 ecosystem offers organisations the tools, inspiration and the connections to power disruptive change.

The PathFinder4 Africa event will be lead by PathFinder4 's Sales Director Adrian Woodstock and Prof. Pete Janse van Vuuren (PhD), Director, Africa.

We are particularly pleased to have Pete on board to direct the PathFinder4 ecosystem in Africa.   Pete is well placed to mentor and lead the ecosystem.  Having seen the innovation process from both a corporate C Level perspective and having run three IT start-ups, Pete understands the challenges experienced by companies large and small.  Pete has over 30 year's experience in the IT industry across technical, financial and academic verticals.  His academic work includes a focus on the CIO of the Future.  Pete's C Level experience spans companies including Wits Global and FirstRand, and he was a Gartner Executive Partner for four years.

Pete works extensively with CIOs in Africa as Director of Africa CIO Forum, CIO Council of South Africa and CEO of the Thinking Cap.  He also holds a number of Professorial positions.  It is good to see the ecosystem in Africa in such safe hands.

Leaders, experts, influencers, start-ups and advanced suppliers in Africa wanting to find out more about the PathFinder4 ecosystem in Africa can register here

Marc Dowd is a specialist in disruptive innovation and carries out research on how technology trends are changing the world.  Marc is the Founder of PathFinder4 and Manage Disruption Limited and previously spent nine years as the EMEA Principal Advisor to C-level executives for Forrester Research.



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