Are You Ready to become part of an innovation ecosystem in 2017?

As 2016 comes to a close, we are wondering just how fast the world is going to move in 2017.  The past year has seen dramatic events in the UK and globally, from a corporate, political, and personal point of view.  Never before have we seen such rapid change in our technological abilities and our social and economic lives.  The year ahead is bound to be both challenging and exciting.

The Need for An Ecosystem

In 2016, the founder members of PathFinder 4 started with a notion that established businesses were in need of knowledge and connections to respond to disruptive newcomers at speed. We spoke to CIOs, CEOs, start-ups, researchers, specialist advanced suppliers, technologists and disruptors. What we discovered was a real hunger for knowledge and help with Disruptive Innovation. We also found that corporates didn’t always have the culture to be able to innovate rapidly.  They needed an injection of the fire of start-ups, the capabilities of experts and connections with people that could make rapid change a real possibility.  We realised that what was needed was an ecosystem where corporate leaders could innovate quickly, and suppliers and start-ups could find outlets and funding for their skills. ,

When we soft-launched the PathFinder4 website, the response was staggering, exceeding even our expectations.  While the team at PathFinder4 are passionate about disruption, what really surprised and delighted us was the sheer scale of interest from leaders and suppliers alike.  We found that leaders were just as excited as we were about the possibilities of disruptive innovation and the opportunities that new technologies present.

We know that there really is a need for the connections, knowledge and capabilities to disruptive power business and for a stimulating environment, online and offline, for a meeting of like minds.

Ecosystem Services Coming in 2017

Since we launched the concept, we have made great strides.  Here are just some of the things you can expect from PathFinder4 in the New Year.

  • Our member-only research programme will start with a look at the first 90 Days of a Disruptor.  The research will uncover the challenges disruptors face and how to overcome them.
  • A monthly research programme will be directed by the Leader members, determined by their own needs for information on disruptive innovation. Outline results will be available publicly, but the detailed results are reserved for our members.
  • PathFinder4  members will meet regularly.  Because we are only working with truly disruptive leaders, this will guarantee an exciting, thought-provoking meeting of minds.
  • We are committed to attending and speaking at publicly available meetings starting at the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce on 17th January and continuing our series of Meet-Ups for Disruptive Start-ups and Entrepreneurs.
  • Public and member-only events and talks will contribute to the vibrancy of the debate.
  • We will be launching the technology that will power the Ecosystem.   Leaders will be able to find and contract with other members of the Ecosystem, to collaborate at speed.
  • We will introduce Leaders both online and in person, to experts, start-ups and researchers that will enable disruptive innovation to happen.
  • The Knowledge area of our website will contain a wealth of resources on disruptive innovation.  This blog is just the start of that area.
  • Over the year we will add more articles on disruption, guest blogs on expert subjects such as Blockchain, videos, book reviews and research.  Some of this Knowledge will be publicly available, but the most in-depth pieces will be exclusive to our members.
  • Public and member-only events and talks will contribute to the vibrancy of the debate.

It is free to register for our Knowledge area.  Details of other levels of membership are available on request.