Regular advisory sessions act as coaching and mentoring for organisations and individuals. PathFinder4 Specialists provide experienced and specialist advisory.


PathFinder4 offer a curated service to engage with our experts on innovation, technology, marketing and project delivery. In fact in all the areas we cover.

The idea is to provide the information you need as you need it.

Our advisory service is continuous engagement where the building understanding of your company is used to schedule and brief appearances of key specialists to their maximise effectiveness.

With many years of experience providing this service to leaders on behalf of some of the most experienced companies in the market we have taken what they do well and made it better:

  • The engagement can be used by any of your executive team to engage with any of our experts and specialists. It is not limited to a single seatholder, or who in the PatheFinder4 ecosystem they can speak to.

  • Our specialists are practical as well as visionary. Not always in the same person.

  • We specialise in getting innovations to market and making them work so our advice is specific and timely.

  • We move at the speed of startups. We advise startups and some of our Members are part of startups. This gives cutting edge experience to back up our advice.

  • If we don’t have the person who can answer a question we will find the person who can – the PathFinder4 ecosystem is flexible to reach beyond our Members.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this service. If you like you can speak to one of our advisors directly and they can help you build out what topics they would suggest for the first engagements.

Call us on (0)207 993 9043 for an immediate discussion or you can write for more information to [email protected]