We are here to change things

We believe that individual capabilities work better outside of traditional companies. We believe an ecosystem of trusted specialists is more effective at delivering innovation at speed.

We are much better at delivering disruptive business models than legacy teams.

Who is driving the ecosystem?

Marc Dowd BW

Marc Dowd

Founder, Director

Marc believes that ecosystems are the way forward. In a world where everyone can contact everyone else, it comes down to being able to trust the new people you meet.

Having worked for 10 years advising some of the world’s largest companies on technology as well as acting the Principal of CIO Group for Forrester Research in EMEA, Marc realised that what was needed was a better solution: an ecosystem.

It is vital to have the resources to DO as well as to TALK and getting or building trusted resources in emerging areas is not easy.

Matthew McLarty BW

Matthew McLarty

Innovation Director

Playing the role of Innovation Director within the UK accelerator community
including Oxford Innovation, Matthew is focused on bringing new technology to market. He believes that there are enormous synergies to be unlocked through combining the limitless creativity and agility of startups with well-structured big corporate delivery models.
Matthew is a passionate and highly experienced business developer having spent the past 20 years across multiple sectors including digital technology and FMCG ranging from startups to large SMEs.


Andrew Vorster

Innovation Catalyst

The former VP of Technology R&D at Visa Europe, Andrew is a passionate technologist, innovator and disruptor.

His primary activity is global scanning and scouting for new technologies and the companies behind the trends that are disrupting business and shaping consumer behaviour right now. He works with established organisations and start-ups across the world in order to help them envisage the range of possible futures fuelled, accelerated and enabled by technology.


Marc started working as the Principal Advisor for Leaders of $ 1 Billion turnover and above companies in EMEA on behalf of Forrester Research. During this time it became apparent that innovation and change is a very difficult issue for most companies to manage well.


Marc and Andrew start working together while Marc is at Forrester and Andrew is VP of Technology R&D at Visa Europe. Both are passionate about making real innovation and successful change happen.


Matthew successfully takes his disruptive mobile-first startup into sports arenas sector.  Operating in low bandwidth environment with high numbers of users the challenges were enormous.


The connection between innovative startups and large companies widens. Talent is draining into startups leaving many large businesses just focused on dealing with legacy.


The barriers to disruptive innovation are down. The technology costs are dropping and large companies seem to have lost most of their innovative advantage.


Marc and Matthew met while working on innovation for small companies and startups for Oxford Innovation. Marc, left Forrester Research and started a consultancy “Manage Disruption” focused specifically on disruptive innovation at speed.


PathFinder4 was formed to bring together the resources that leaders at large companies find difficult to find.


Matthew becomes very active on the technology startup funding circuit and identifies a number of disruptive innovations.

We are here to change things

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