Innovation, Business Change and Technology Forum 2017

Innovation, Business Change and Technology Forum 2017 Europe’s only forum on Innovation, Business Change and Technology. Marc Dowd will be facilitating 4 of the sessions at IRM UK’s Innovation, Business Change and Technology Forum. This is a unique setting to explore and debate the vital connections between innovation, investment, organizational and personal change, business transformation […]

Crimson Innovation Conference 2017

Crimson Innovation Conference 2017 When: 4 Apr 2017 Where: Birmingham, UK PathFinder4’s Marc Dowd speaks at the Crimson Innovation Conference 2017 ‘Digital Change Must Be Driven By A Disruptive Ecosystem’ Digital disruption is at the forefront of many CIOs’ agendas but digitising processes is not true disruption. As consumers’ expectations continue to evolve organisations need to react by transforming […]

Get Ahead of the Pack and Disrupt

Get Ahead of the Pack and Disrupt Digitisation is no longer new, it’s necessary. Investment in digital is essential if you are to stay in the game.  Beyond that, the only way to get ahead of your competitors in many industries is to be brave, to lead the pack and disrupt. So what is meant here […]

Video: The Impact of Disruption on Business

Video: The Impact of Disruption on Business  The world is changing fast, very fast.  For example, did you know that half of the data that has ever been recorded, was generated in the last two years?  And we’re creating that data so fast that the time window is getting increasingly shorter.  Data will increase exponentially over the next few years […]