Disrupt or Be Disrupted: The Impact on Businesses Large and Small

We are entering an age of extreme change characterised by changing business models, emerging technologies and the increasing power of the consumer.  Smaller companies, such as Uber and AirBnB in their early days, seemingly rise out of nowhere and cause mayhem in well-established industries.  The velocity, scope, and nature of the disruptions that we are starting to […]

Starting an Ecosytem of value

Are You Ready to become part of an innovation ecosystem in 2017? As 2016 comes to a close, we are wondering just how fast the world is going to move in 2017.  The past year has seen dramatic events in the UK and globally, from a corporate, political, and personal point of view.  Never before […]

The Benefit of Disruptive Innovation: a Day of Illustration

The Benefit of Disruptive Innovation: a Day of Illustration   Yesterday I spent the day with some pretty influential people and I noticed that their conception of disruptive innovation was vastly different. Several people in the room had budgets that stretch into billions per year – and yet because of their inability to grasp disruptive innovation that is surely going to be wasted. Why Disrupt? […]

What is Disruptive Innovation?

  What is Disruptive Innovation?  It’s a very good question.  There are a number of buzz phrases from digital transformation, to digital disruption, technological innovation and disruptive innovation, but what does it all mean? There is always a danger with buzz words that they come to be synonymous with the lowest common denominator. For example, ‘digital disruption‘ for some may be little more than […]